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Head: Dr. Prithiviraj Singh Chauhan

Devanagri College Meerut, primarily a Science and Commerce College established Department of English in 1967 to make students competent in English language. The department was started with an aim to polish communicative skills of students of Science and Commerce.   Mrs. Sudershan Devedi  founder head successfully led the department till 1969. She was succeeded by Mrs. Arpana Dublish in 1969 and Dr. Alka Rastogi in 1971 and Dr. Poonam Sharma in 2002.  Dr. Rastogi enriched department by her academic endeavors.  She catered the need of students of Science and Commerce stream and trained them to excel in life. Due to the growing demand of English language in society a Post Graduate program in English was introduced in 2001 under self finance scheme. The Department has made considerable progress in each and every field due to dedicated faculty members lead by Dr. Poonam Sharma. Under the able leadership of  Shri Dayanand Gupta, Honorary Secretary, Principal Dr. B.S. Yadav, Department has achieved its due place in academia. Dr.Prithiviraj Singh Chauhan, joined department in 2018,  is leading department along with qualified faculty members Dr. Poonam Sharma, Mr. Anuj Bawara and Miss. Nida Chaudhary with an aim to make it impactful centre of learning.

Knowledge of English language and literature of different ethnicity has became essential to succeed in life. Knowledge of English language empower students to get fair chance in career as English language became undisputed international language and used commonly in India while literature of multi ethnicity, taught in English equips students with the knowledge of different cultures. It also helps them to develop critical sensibility to understand the mechanism of social change.

 Four semester program in P.G. offers a comprehensive, analytical and historical approach to reading and writing. Students receiving degrees from the department will be equipped with the thorough knowledge of English literary heritage as well as the ability to think, argue, and write well. They will learn to question the prevalent notions about the language and meaning of life, critically analyzing the evidences present in rhetoric and different branches of knowledge while understanding the beautiful aspects of aesthetic art. Department is not only concerned with development of aesthetic side of personality it also focuses on the overall development and prepare them to keep a pace with growing demand of market so they can be easily absorbed in jobs. The skills learned in the classroom, provides an essential foundation for their career in the fields like law, business, government, education, finance, and media. Every year students get placed in various jobs in government as well as private sectors. The department has good infrastructure and adequate resources are available in library. Students are continuously securing positions in university merit list. Till now total number of Eleven Students have secured position in university ranking, out these four were awarded gold medal. Department has collaboration with other college to promote multifaceted exposure to students. Royal Society and Tagore Societies of the department run by students organize various cultural and academic programmes. Bright students of the department are being awarded Guru Dakshina and other scholarship of the college.  

The department is intensively engaged in original research on both literature and culture and represents a diverse and dynamic model of scholarly activity for its students. Keeping a pace with the policy of U.G.C. and C C S University, department focuses on comprehensive evaluation of students. They are regularly engaged in the departmental activities apart from class room teaching so they can learn the practical aspects of life. Students who work with these equally accomplished faculty members, are guided to enjoy the learning while utilizing skills of each individual student. Students are continuously engaged in various academic activities throughout the year i.e. Student seminars, debates, group discussions, quiz and tours etc. Technical papers like Research Methods and Materials in English,  Linguistics and Phonetics, English language Teaching and English in India,  Modern English Grammar and Translation studies along with literature of Different nationality etc. provide additional skill to students and address following purposes:

  1. To Improve Fluency and Accuracy Of Students in English by proving timely help and encouragement to students.
  2. To equip students with the emerging trends in Research in English language and Literature.
  3. To develop their understanding about the practice and theory of English language teaching.
  4. Translation studies help students to learn and practice translation to grab the opportunity in new emerging field.

Programmes Offered:

  1. Language, Communication & Writing Skills (B.Sc. & B.Com)
  2. M.A. English
  3. Ph.D. English

Admission Procedure:

Admission is done through centralize admission process of C.C.S. University, Meerut.

(For admission please visit C.C.S. University, Meerut admission web portal)

Dr.Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

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Assistant Professor

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