Botany Department


Mrs. Everest Shiwach (Head)

The department was established in 1965 with B.Sc. Biology classes. M.Sc. botany classes started in 1982. Dr. N.P.Saxena was the founder Head.

The students of Botany can make their career in different fields like medical, teaching, research and in environment management including pollution control. They can get jobs in Botanical survey of India and in National Botanical Gardens. They can also compete for various competitive examinations including Indian Civil Service, Indian Forest Service, CSIR-NET, GATE, etc.

The department offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. programme in Botany. It has a very good library and research facilities. There is a separate departmental library to cater the need of teachers, researchers and students. It has around 3222 books on different branches of Botany. We also have Annual Reviews on Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Genetics and Plant Breeding. Moreover we have a long list of Journals which are available online. The library remains open on each working day from 10AM to4PM. We have many computers with internet facility, printers, phase contrast microscope, Trinocular Microscope, Digital Balances, Autoclaves, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometer, BOD Incubator, Laminar air flow, Gel Electrophoresis, U.V. Transilluminator, culture room, besides all necessary chemicals and glassware.

The department has been working in close educational and industrial collaboration with some of the well-known Institutes in Meerut since 2016. In 2017 we also collaborated with Meerut College, Meerut for conducting joint educational programmes, joint PhD supervision, joint consultancy, visit of students and faculty, student exchange and development programme; with D.N. Polytechnic, Partapur, Meerut for joint teaching and research projects, faculty exchange and joint consultancy; with Jagrook Nagrik Association, Meerut to bring social and cultural awareness among students to make them aware about the social and cultural environmental problems; and with R.K. Enterprises, Meerut for Waste Management. We collaborated with Manyuk Agro Mushroom Farm and Vizuddha Organic Farmers Producer Co Ltd for promoting organic cultivation.

The Department has Soil and Water testing facility since 2013. In the laboratory water contaminants (inorganic and organic), Total Dissolved Salts (TDS), Dissolved Oxygen (D.O), pH, Salinity, are tested. In the soil related work 8-12 elements are tested to know deficiency and proper ratio of different essential elements and proper advice is given to solve the problem if any. Free testing camps were organized in villages namely Saidbhar, Sisoli, Bhatipura and Kheri Tappa Lawar.

Our College also joined Unnat Bharat Abhiyan as a prospective monitoring institute, under the leadership of Dr. B.S. Yadav, Principal of the college and Mrs Everest Shiwach, Coordinator of the program. The college has adopted 5 villages (Kheri Tappa lawar, Bhatipura, Gejha, Dabathua, and Pavali Khurd).

Several camps have been organized in these villages.  In the camp villagers were guided on the need for sanitation, pollution control, organic farming, water management, tree plantation, avoiding single use plastic, polythene and better education to all. The department is promoting mushroom cultivation and organic farming practices among farming community of villages. The department is using composting yard of their partner institute Meerut College for making compost using zero energy poly tunnel process. In college campus a vermi-composting units have been established for biodegradable waste, Small paper piece waste, classroom waste, biodegradable waste, food waste, dinning waste etc. of common canteen and plant residue is used for vermi-composting.

The department has a Botanical Society since 2014. The society has organized various programs such as exhibitions, symposia, poster, model and quiz competitions, ozone day, world environment day, awareness program, industrial visit, educational tours. The department has recently organized an International Webinar on “Sustainable Development after COVID-19: Environmental Issues and Challenges” during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

The department has very good research environment and is also rich in equipments. The department has produced 34 Ph.D. scholars.  Since 2014, five Ph.D. have been produced. At present four students are working for their Ph.D. degree.

The faculty members have published 40 research papers in various peer reviewed journals.

Our students are consistently achieving top positions in the university merit list in P.G. classes such as Deepti Mishra 2nd,Pooja Yadav 4th(2015 batch), Sajad Hussain Shah 2nd, Vasundhra Sharma 3rd (2016 batch), Salim 1st(Univ. Gold Medalist), Damini Saxena 2nd, Shivani Arya 4th(2018 batch), Priyanka Kandari 3rdShivani Gupta 6th (2019 batch) ,Elia Khan 1st (Univ.Gold Medalist) Aarushi 2nd  Shilpa 3rd (betch 2020). Many of our students have also qualified NET and GATE examinations such as Pooja Yadav (June 2016), Manish Kumar Lomas (Dec 2016), Deepti Mishra (March 2017, Dec 2018), Damini Saxena (March 2019), Anuj Kumar Tyagi (June 2019), and Salim (March 2020).

The department has the honour to produce many highly distinguished Alumni. To name only a few

  • Dr. Nasim Zaidi, 1971 batch, an I.A.S. officer retired as Chief Election Commissioner of India
  • Dr.Satish Chandra, 1972 batch, retired as High Court Judge from U.P.  
  • Shri A.K. Sharma, 1976 batch, was selected in I.P.S.
  • Dr.V.K. Bindra 1976 batch, is a renowned medical practitioner in Meerut as Physician.
  • Dr. S.K. Tyagi, 1978 batch, was Additional director and Head, Central Pollution Control Board New Delhi
  • Shri Ajay Mohan Sharma, 1978 batch, was selected in I.P.S.
  • Dr. Balendu Prakash,1978 batch, is a renowned cancer specialist and is recipient of Padam Shri Award
  • Dr. Snehlata, 1980 batch, is Associate professor at M.M.H. college , Ghaziabad
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar, 1982 batch, is Assistant professor at C.C.S. university, Meerut
  • Dr. P.S. Malik, 1995 batch, is Associate professor at Meerut College Meerut

Three students of B.Sc. have received Guru Dakshina Award, Km. AabhaPal(2016-2017), Aakash Tilak (2017-2018) and Ritu Sharma (2018-2019).  Mrs. Everest Shiwach, gives personal scholarship of Rs.6000/- each on 26th January to two students who score maximum marks in M.Sc. previous since 2004.

The admission procedure of both U.G. and P.G. classes is online and is controlled by the university.

 Future Plans:

  • To equip our laboratories with more instruments and accessories for ensuring more hands- on training of students.
  • Analysis of soil samples of neighbouring villages and recommendation for nutrient supplementation based on our findings.
  • Composting of locally available agricultural wastes for mushroom cultivation.
  • To study the effect of organic farming on microbes of the soil.
  • To promote organic mushroom cultivation and vermi- composting by organizing seminars and workshops among farmers.

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